Global Express Shipper Increases Revenue by $14 Million

Business Issue

When two airlines merged and combined their express shipping and logistics organizations into one, revenue from shipping showed a post-merger decline. Management sought help to find a competitive advantage in an industry that has been dominated by transactional selling.


To differentiate them in a highly competitive industry, the organization worked with Wilson Learning to create a shared sales approach that focused on providing solutions to customers’ business needs. Participants developed the skills to build trust, discover the business value of solving shipping issues, advocate a solution that delivers the maximum value to customers, and support customers’ ongoing success. Advanced skills were taught to apply a more strategic approach to solving customers’ shipping and logistics business challenges. This global implementation included participants from over 10 countries around the world.


The sales representatives developed into trusted advisors and created more value for customers. Salespeople attributed more than $14 million in sales. Among the participants, 82% said they are better prepared to address clients’ issues and 88% said they able to negotiate more positive outcomes/agreements.

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