Premier Global Fine Art Auction House Increases Revenue by 18% Through Advanced Negotiation Skills

Business Issue

In an industry in which negotiations are critical to business success, a global fine art auction house’s top specialists were challenged by the wide range of negotiation scenarios they faced. It was a top priority for the company to maintain strong customer relationships as their reputation relied heavily on the positive experience of their customer and vendor base.


To maximize their relationships and the success of their negotiations, Wilson Learning worked with the company to provide a principled negotiation program that focused on the interests of both their customers and their own organization. This initiative was supported by senior managers and incorporated a robust follow-up and reinforcement system to ensure understanding and application of the new negotiation approach and skills.


The fine art house experienced strong results, including improved customer/vendor relationships, better negotiations, and increased revenue. They realized an increase of 18% in revenue that was attributed to the skills learned in the program. Additionally, 100% of the participants said they were able to negotiate more positive outcomes due to the skills they acquired.

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