Game-Changing Selling Skills Result in Record Wins and Increased Sales for Aviation Tracking Solutions Provider

Business Issue

Converting “product experts” to “product and sales experts” was an indispensable next step for this New Zealand-based provider of aviation tracking hardware and software. Salespeople had relied on their product knowledge and previous experience as a pilot or in other aviation-related roles. Organizational maturity and growth necessitated that their deep product knowledge be enhanced with consultative selling skills to better engage with C-suite buyers, conduct comprehensive discovery, progress larger and more complex opportunities, and demonstrate value.

Solution Summary

A value-based consultative sales methodology, expert coaching, and top-down messaging from the organization’s CEO equipped the salesforce with game-changing selling skills and tools that have increased wins and revenue.

The rollout initially included in-person workshops. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, implementation shifted to a hybrid learning experience. Engaging in an online delivery platform, salespeople built new skills over time with practice, application challenges, peer discussions, and direct coaching. Virtual sessions launched the learning journey, tied everything together, and provided another layer of support.


  • The organization realized a 10% increase in hardware sales, equating to approximately 1M NZ (almost a 40:1 return on their investment). Of course, not all of the return is accredited only to the training; however, even a fraction is formidable.
  • Qualifying opportunities and conversion rates have improved and the organization has realized “record wins.”
  • The CEO confirmed the value gained from a common selling framework and sales language across the business—sellers know where they are in the sales process and no longer “die on the vine.”
  • The spaced learning and integrated coaching helped instill the sales methodology skills as a habit among the salespeople, or as the CEO stated: “It has become culture; we no longer need to consciously drive it.”
  • Sellers now gain more information and better understand customer business issues.
The pace allows us to ‘bake-in’ a lot more talk amongst ourselves between the virtual sessions. Sitting down with the coach reinforced everything.



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