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Voice in the Machine: Mastering Selling Authenticity in an AI-Driven World

April 18, 2024

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

In an age where Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere, its impact on sales is profound and far-reaching. Join us for an engaging webinar to explore how AI is reshaping the sales landscape and revolutionizing customer engagement. In this session, we'll discuss how sales professionals can maintain authenticity and human connection amidst the prevalence of AI-driven technologies. Whether you're leading a seasoned sales team or guiding newcomers in the field, this webinar offers invaluable insights and practical strategies for leveraging AI to drive sales success. During the webinar, you'll:

  • Explore how AI is transforming customer interactions and reshaping traditional sales approaches
  • Learn how to leverage AI as a tool to enhance, rather than replace, human interaction in the sales process
  • Receive practical tips and techniques for integrating AI into your sales approach while preserving the human touch

We'll be examining Sales Methodology using our proven sales methodology, providing you with actionable insights tailored to your sales approach.

Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the intersection of AI and authenticity in sales. Register now to secure your spot in this thought-provoking webinar and gain valuable insights into mastering selling authenticity in an AI-driven world.

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Are Your Key Accounts Vulnerable? Are You Sure?

February 8, 2024

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

Approximately 80% of B2B customers are in the “Zone of Indifference” (ZOI), where they may not complain, but they also may not repurchase, or contact you. Salespeople often assume satisfaction unless heard otherwise, risking late awareness to take any action. With so many existing accounts potentially at risk, protecting, and even expanding key accounts is crucial. Watch the recording now!

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Increasing Win Rates and Profitability: 3 Keys to Greater Success

November 9, 2023

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

As we all know, salespeople absolutely love to win and hate to lose—and think they can win every deal. Sales management might say, “I love to win as much as the salespeople, but only if it’s the right business!” Sales managers know well the hot pursuit of a win can backfire when salespeople go after deals that aren’t profitable and, frankly, may not even be winnable.

Watch this webcast to learn about:

  • How to clarify the details of the opportunity by understanding and articulating what is critical to the customer
  • What evidence needs to be collected and analyzed to distinguish which opportunities lend themselves to increasing win rates
  • Three questions you need to answer to make the best go/no-go decisions
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Calling on Executives – The Secrets They Won’t Tell Your Salespeople

October 19, 2023

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

Uncommunicated expectations are often unmet expectations. That won’t fly when you are trying to talk with your customers’ executives! With complex solutions, often it becomes clear that higher-level support is required to make the sale. What does it take to engage your customers’ executives in a meaningful way? C-suite executives are busy and hard to reach. They are, however, willing to meet with salespeople but with very specific expectations. In order to be effective, your salespeople need to plan carefully for the call, do their homework, and, most importantly, understand those “secret” expectations.

Watch this webcast to learn about:

  • Research that provides insights to unlock the secrets that executives will not tell you but expect you to know
  • How to talk to executives to discover critical factors that drive how they think about their business
  • How to connect your services to their issues with real value, as defined by the customer
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“That’s Not What I Meant!”: Versatility, a Salesperson’s Guide to Effective Communication

September 14, 2023

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

Are your salespeople faltering with 75% of their prospects and customers? Research shows that salespeople only genuinely connect with 25% of their customers. This means strong customer relationships are rarely built with the other 75%, leaving needs unmet and deals lost.

This webinar will uncover how your salespeople can improve their versatility to build stronger customer relationships and improve sales performance. Watch the recording now!

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Leadership Survey Results 2023
Upskilling and Reskilling for the Future/ 2023 L&D Trends by Wilson Learning

August 9, 2023


For the seventh consecutive year, Training magazine and Wilson Learning Worldwide teamed up to conduct the Annual Leadership Survey, which focuses on what organizations are doing to develop effective leaders in these constantly changing times.
The results provide organizations with a clear roadmap to achieve a greater return on their leadership development investments as they strengthen their culture and bolster employee engagement.

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Leadership Development Tips for Today’s Turbulent Times

July 13, 2023

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

In addition to facing the global pandemic, spiking inflation, and near-recession, today’s leaders must deal with trends such as the “Great Resignation,” “Quiet Quitting,” and “Bare Minimum Mondays.” Likewise, they must figure out how to handle the dramatic changes that likely will result from emerging technologies such artificial intelligence-based tools. All this while piloting their employees and organizations toward optimum performance. But they can’t do it alone—and that’s where Learning and Development (L&D) comes in. For the seventh year, Training magazine and Wilson Learning Worldwide teamed up to conduct the Annual Leadership Survey, which focuses on what organizations are doing to develop effective leaders in these constantly changing times. In this year’s survey, we saw some tremendous swings in needs and expectations and a clear indication that L&D, as an industry, is exploring new avenues and methods of effectively delivering leadership development training. Join Dr. Michael Leimbach, VP of Global Research and Development for Wilson Learning and Lorri Freifeld, Editor/Publisher of Training magazine, and, for this webinar, which will explore:

  • The current state of leadership development (including levels of investment, priority skills, generational shifts, and learning methods)
  • How the hybrid work environment is affecting leadership development
  • Best practices and tips from high-performing companies to reinvent leadership development amidst continued turbulent times and technological transformation
You’ll come away with a roadmap to achieve a greater return on your leadership development investments as you help your leaders successfully guide their teams, employees, and organizations boldly and inclusively into the future.

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Selling to Value: The Impact of Post-Sale Support on Success

May 11, 2023

#Webinar#Europe, Middle East, Africa#Virtual#English

Top sales performers know that securing a sale is not the final goal but the first step in acquiring a loyal customer who will champion your solutions. While many organizations have programs and processes dedicated to enhancing customer engagement, the importance of the salesperson’s role cannot be ignored. The quality of after-sales support significantly impacts the success of the next sales opportunity and that of the sales team. This webinar will address the critical actions salespeople need to take to ensure that the first sale results in the next sale.

This session will answer the questions:

• How do salespeople ensure customer satisfaction?
• How do salespeople become trusted advisors?
• How can salespeople gain a champion and get customers help in communicating success?
• How do you expand referrals and references to achieve the next sale?
• How does post-sale support enhance your brand image?

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Presentations Falling Flat? 3 Keys to Effective Virtual Sales Presentations

April 27, 2023

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#Sales

To be successful today, salespeople need to engage customers in the solution they are offering, whether presenting virtually or face-to-face. Salespeople need to understand how to capture the audience’s attention and engage them in action. In this session, you will learn how your salespeople can better engage their customers during virtual solution presentations to increase close ratios and win sales.

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Competitive Superiority: 3 Strategies to Outmaneuver the Competition

March 16, 2023

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English

Sales organizations often look at the competition as the enemy that must be beaten! With this mindset, as a sales manager you and your salespeople are often put in a position where you fight the competition on the customer’s front lawn, in full view. You need to shift the rules of the game from competing against the competition to competing on behalf of the customer by recognizing and delivering value. Value that is defined by the customer, not by a list of features and benefits. In this session, we will explore an approach to understanding value to the customer and how specific moves and strategies affect the customer and disable the competition.

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Fill Your Pipeline with Wins: Three Effective Prospecting Strategies

February 2, 2023

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

The numbers don’t lie—prospecting is challenging. Success in 2023 will be achieved by those who strategically focus on filling their pipeline with the right high-quality prospects. In this important webinar, we will examine a proven prospecting process that helps your salespeople focus on the right prospects, construct compelling access messages, and maintain a positive mindset to get past the “no’s” from unqualified prospects and uncover qualified opportunities. In this session, you will gain insight into how to strategically identify and access prospects who are a good match, both for you and them.

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Hybrid Selling: Five Keys to Client Engagement in Today’s Selling Environment

November 10, 2022

#Webinar#North & South America#Virtual#English#Sales

It has been a tough couple of years for salespeople! As we emerge from the peak of the pandemic’s impact on commerce, it is clear that we are not returning to the pre-COVID normal but to a new normal of Hybrid Selling. Gaining and maintaining customer engagement when your face-to-face meetings are limited can be difficult. In this session, you will learn about our Hybrid Sales approach that not only combines virtual and face-to-face interactions but maximizes the value of both.

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