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Fill Your Pipeline with Wins: Three Effective Prospecting Strategies to Generate Qualified Leads

January 20, 2022

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The numbers don’t lie—prospecting is challenging. Success in 2022 will be achieved by those who strategically focus on filling their pipeline with the right high-quality prospects. In this important webinar, we will examine a proven prospecting process that helps your salespeople focus on the right prospects, construct compelling access messages, and maintain a positive mindset to get past the “no’s” from unqualified prospects and uncover qualified opportunities. In this session, you will gain insight into how to strategically identify and access prospects who are a good match, both for you and them.

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Only 25% of Salespeople Sell to Value: Make Your Sales Team Part of the 25%

November 11, 2021


Today, needs-based selling, while necessary, is not sufficient enough to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace. Instead of asking the same questions and collecting the same data as your competitors, your salespeople should be engaging buying executives in business impact discussions. Salespeople need to sell based on how customers define value.

In this webinar, you will learn what your salespeople need to understand about their customers’ value chain, as well as how to uncover customers’ hidden needs in order to improve that value creation process. As a result, your salespeople will be able to have business impact discussions with executives, create greater differentiation, and generate higher win rates.

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Creating an Effective Digital Sales Development Strategy

October 14, 2021

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Many organizations were faced with this dilemma during the pandemic: how do we accelerate the digital transformation of sales enablement in a way that is effective and engaging? The answer is a learning strategy that integrates skill development and reinforcement with their performance improvement goals. The right approach—implemented in digital, virtual, and blended environments—gives organizations the power to connect and engage all members of the organization and drive performance improvement to achieve business results. Join us as we discuss the key design principles to reinvent your digital training.

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Client Engagement in a Hybrid Selling Environment

September 9, 2021


It has been a tough year for salespeople! As we emerge from the peak business impact of the pandemic, it is clear that we are not returning to the pre-COVID normal but to a new normal of Hybrid Selling. In this session, you will learn about our Hybrid Sales approach that not only combines virtual and face-to-face interactions but maximizes the value of both.

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Adapting Leadership Development During Today’s Challenging Times

June 2, 2021


For the fifth year, Training magazine and Wilson Learning Worldwide teamed up to conduct the Annual Leadership Survey, which focuses on what organizations are doing to create effective leaders. In this webinar, Lorri Freifeld, Editor/Publisher of Training magazine, and Dr. Michael Leimbach, VP of Global Research and Development for Wilson Learning, will reveal takeaways from this in-depth look at leadership development and explore ways organizations can leverage today’s challenges to develop stronger leaders for tomorrow.

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Four Fears Creating a Barrier to Your Sales Team’s Success

April 15, 2021


Four critical fears have proven to be the greatest barrier to improved sales performance. Our experience has shown that leveraging personal power is, by far, the most important factor in addressing the Four Fears and ultimately determines success. In this webinar, we help salespeople identify how the Four Fears can limit their effectiveness and what they can do to overcome those fears and unleash their personal power.

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Building Sales Capabilities in Our New Digital World

April 1, 2021

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Until last year, in-person, face-to-face training was by far the primary learning modality used to improve sales performance. Organizations have had to accelerate the digital transformation of sales enablement while seeking strategies that integrate skill development and reinforcement with their performance improvement goals. Join this webinar as we discuss the key elements of an effective digital sales training strategy.

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Presentations Falling Flat? 3 Keys to Effective Virtual Sales Presentations

March 4, 2021


To be successful in today’s sales environment, salespeople need to engage customers in the solution they are offering, whether presenting virtually or face-to-face. In this session, you will learn how your salespeople can better engage their customers during virtual solution presentations to increase close ratios and win sales.

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Sales Methodology as the Force Multiplier

November 11, 2020


As the marketplace spends significant amounts of money on tools to support the sales process, there still seems to be a troubling fact: more than half of salespeople miss their quota. The sales process or even the technology might not be the issue; often, it is an absence of an effective sales methodology. In this webinar, we’ll share with you a sales methodology that has been proven to increase sales and achieve quota by 54%.

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Behind the Sales Persona: Developing the Human Side

October 29, 2020


To be effective as a salesperson requires preparation, knowledge, and skills. In fact, in today’s virtual environment, salespeople require these disciplines more than ever. Join us for this webinar as we examine why a foundation of trust is critical today and review each “cornerstone” of your foundation.

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Increasing Win Rates: 3 Keys to Greater Success

September 10, 2020


The discipline required in identifying high-probability and high-profitability opportunities starts with understanding clearly and accurately what the customer organization is trying to accomplish. Join us as we discuss what compelling evidence needs to be collected and analyzed to distinguish which opportunities lend themselves to increasing win rates.

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Delivery Flexibility for Sales Skills: The Counselor Salesperson Showcase

July 23, 2020

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Wilson Learning’s The Counselor Salesperson addresses the fact that customers love to buy but hate to be sold to. Our experience in instructional design and learning principles, integrated with the proper technology, optimizes the true potential of digital learning experiences for improving sales performance. Join us for this exclusive webinar to experience how we can uniquely deliver The Counselor Salesperson (CSP) Learning Journey across multiple digital platforms.

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