Are Your Key Accounts Vulnerable? Are You Sure?

February 8, 2024

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Facing economic challenges and a potential global recession, the traditional sales approach has been disrupted by the long tail of the pandemic-induced shift to virtual interactions. The widespread acceptance of ‘modern sales” has diminished face-to-face contact, lowering barriers for competitors. This poses a threat to strategic key accounts, making them more vulnerable to competition.
Approximately 80% of B2B customers are in the “Zone of Indifference” (ZOI), where they may not complain, but they also may not repurchase, or contact you. Salespeople often assume satisfaction unless heard otherwise, risking late awareness to take any action. With so many existing accounts potentially at risk, protecting, and even expanding key accounts is crucial.

In this webinar, we will address these vulnerabilities by offering three key strategies:

  1. Protect your existing accounts – secure the walls around your key accounts and shield them from potential threats.
  2. Grow/Expand inside your strategic key accounts – unlock new avenues for growth by strategically expanding within your existing accounts.
  3. Source New Logos – Uncover the strategies of precise prospecting, unveiling the hidden keys to positioning your brand as the definitive solution prospects have been seeking.

Whether your company boasts a sophisticated structure for key account management or relies on sales managers who understand the pivotal role of key accounts, our webinar equips you with the tools to transform indifference into sustained satisfaction. Elevate your sales strategy, secure customer loyalty, and thrive in the dynamic market landscape. Don’t miss out – reserve your spot now!