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Counselor Salesperson™

Going to market with unique, high-quality products and services is no longer a guarantee that sales will be made and accounts will be retained. Remaining viable in today’s business environment requires salespeople who can respond to customers’ business needs, priorities, and interests better than the competition. It all begins with a Counselor Mindset and the… learn more about this program

Boston, MA

(Presented in English)

October 19-21, 2021

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Coaching the Counselor Salesperson™

The sales function is a key source of competitive advantage for organizations—there’s no place where competition is more intense. Having a highly effective salesforce and a consistent developmental approach to sales management are absolute necessities. The ability of sales managers to develop their salespeople has a significant impact on sales team success and revenue results.… learn more about this program

Counselor Selling in a Virtual Environment™

Selling virtually has become the new normal in most industries. Your salesforce now relies on remote selling tools to bridge the gap between how they are accustomed to selling and how they now need to sell. So, how do you effectively apply The Counselor Salesperson™ approach in the virtual environment? Counselor Selling in a Virtual… learn more about this program