Negotiating to Yes™

Negotiation is an ever-present part of any sales process. It occurs informally throughout the sales process and more formally when specific proposals and agreements are on the table. Effective negotiating protects sales revenue and improves profit margins. If you want your salespeople to improve profitability, compete on value rather than price, and enhance how customers perceive your credibility and the value of your capabilities and products, then Negotiating to Yes can help.

Negotiating to Yes™ (NTY) helps salespeople become better negotiators. It is based on the concept of Principled Negotiation, a method that offers salespeople an efficient process for reaching optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties and actually strengthen professional relationships.

Program Outcomes

Negotiating to Yes gives salespeople a proven approach for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. Implemented as a flexible and integrated human performance improvement solution, it enables the establishment of win-win business agreements that lead to long-term customer relationships. It also teaches skills for effective coaching and performance management and provides a variety of tools that can increase top-line sales performance.


Wilson Learning believes that learning must be transferred to day-to-day work practices. To achieve this, Negotiating to Yes includes components and activities that enhance Participant Readiness, Learning Transfer, and Organizational Alignment.

Participant Readiness prepares participants and managers for the learning experience:

  • Pre-workshop communication and assignment

Learning Transfer design embeds practice and use of new skills. The learning can be flexibly delivered as a:

  • Two-day face-to-face application-oriented workshop
  • Modular workshop, delivered over non-consecutive days to allow application between sessions

All can be delivered in modular format over non-consecutive days to allow application between sessions. The face-to-face workshop can be taught by a Wilson Learning facilitator or by an organization’s own leader-trained in-house professional.

Organizational Alignment ensures the organization supports the use of the new skills:

  • Post-learning reinforcement activities available for both the manager and salesperson

As a result, salespeople will continue to apply the skills and tools learned long after the learning event is completed.

Enabling Improved Performance

Negotiating to Yes includes various performance application, reinforcement, and support tools, such as application exercises, job aid cards, electronic reinforcement tools, performance checklists, etc. These tools ensure that participants can hone newly acquired skills and behaviors upon returning to work. Involving sales managers early on and training them to coach for Principled Negotiation is critical to successful program implementation.

To discover how we ensure learning is reinforced and applied for improved performance, read more about our Learning Journeys.


Organizations that implement Negotiating to Yes have access to specially developed measurement and evaluation tools. Negotiating to Yes customers receive a Negotiation Strategizer that helps sales managers review skills used in a negotiation and track the actual impact of Principled Negotiation skills on real sales performance.

To learn more about measuring the impact of learning, visit Measurement.

Wilson Learning will partner with your organization to measure the initial behavioral changes and business results. We will work with you to set up evaluation systems that help improve outcomes and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

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