Calling on Executives – The Secrets They Won’t Tell Your Salespeople

October 19, 2023

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Uncommunicated expectations are often unmet expectations. That won’t fly when you are trying to talk with your customers’ executives! With complex solutions, often it becomes clear that higher-level support is required to make the sale. What does it take to engage your customers’ executives in a meaningful way? C-suite executives are busy and hard to reach. They are, however, willing to meet with salespeople but with very specific expectations. In order to be effective, your salespeople need to plan carefully for the call, do their homework, and, most importantly, understand those “secret” expectations.

In this webcast, we will examine:

  • Research that provides insights to unlock the secrets that executives will not tell you but expect you to know
  • How to talk to executives to discover critical factors that drive how they think about their business
  • How to connect your services to their issues with real value, as defined by the customer