Global Manufacturing Company Develops Their People to Lead and Motivate Employees Through Major Change Initiative

Business Issue

A global manufacturing organization with 20,000 employees worldwide and offices in over 80 countries wanted to effect real cultural change within its Australian and New Zealand operations as they re-engineered the organization and positioned it for growth. This involved both motivating staff intrinsically by helping them to better understand how the business functioned and providing sales and service skills to drive customer loyalty.

Managing Change: The organization wanted to equip their managers and leaders with the skills to support their employees through both the restructure changes and the broader challenges affecting the manufacturing environment.

Financial Acumen: Managers and employees needed a comprehensive understanding of how the organization makes its money, i.e., what drives its profitability and cash flow—and the impact their decisions have on the company’s bottom-line.


Wilson Learning customized Leading in Challenging TimesTM and Business Acumen programs to be specific to the organization’s environment and the challenges they were implementing.


Leaders have been successful in influencing employees to see the restructure and associated organization changes as a positive development and helped them to feel that they are part of, as well as contributing to, the company’s growth and future. The leaders have guided their teams through the change, motivating them to be more customer-centric, resulting in higher sales revenue and increased margins.

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