Key Account Management

By Anand Subramaniam & Vivek Chandramohan

Today, successful Key Account Managers are experts in their customers’ businesses and function as problem solvers. But high-performing organizations, especially those with aggressive growth goals, have redefined the Key Account Management team to include the most senior executives. In a sense, every account manager is a team leader, aligning, orchestrating, and value-adding valued company resources on behalf of the customer. And every employee is part of the account team, available to support sales initiatives.


agreed they were able to establish a greater level of trust with clients faster after participating in Wilson Learning’s KAM programme

Providing added value now means understanding the customer’s business, their industry, and their competitive landscape. In this context, the Key Account Manager becomes a consultant, promoting the business objectives of the customer, providing innovative ideas and solutions. The consultant role of the Key Account Manager provides advantage to the customer.


agreed they have a better understanding of the customer’s business priorities after participating in Wilson Learning’s KAM programme

The second dimension required of the successful Key Account Manager today is that of a strategist. In the role of strategist, the Key Account Manager provides advantage to the selling organization. This means the ability to manage communications differently regarding value, the business case, financial implications, and technological impact.


agreed they successfully navigate customers’ decision processes to win more business after participating in Wilson Learning’s KAM programme

Personal effectiveness is the individual capacity to be both a strong strategist and consultant through self-development, relationship skills, and innovation for the conceptualization and implementation of an account management effort. The characteristics associated with personal effectiveness include motivation, self-management, people leadership and innovation.

An Engineering services company attributed
in revenue from existing key accounts after
attending Wilson Learning’s Key Account Management program