Learning Integration at Large-Scale Events and Conferences

When an event brings your audience under one roof, consider partnering with us to provide a workshop, facilitated breakout sessions, or out-of-the box experiential activities that will captivate and excite your attendees. We know that integrating learning that is aligned with your business goals and priorities enhances any event or conference and helps drive results long after the event is over.

Wilson Learning brings a depth and breadth of learning services to your initiative. Our designers and facilitators are experts at pulling through key messages and reinforcing your organization’s strategic direction while imparting new and targeted skills to reach higher levels of success.

Whether you’re hosting your organization’s annual leadership summit for 40 executives or a company-wide conference of 4,000 employees, we’ll work side by side with you to address targeted development needs and integrate key messaging into your event.

At our Leadership Conference, Wilson Learning designed and deployed five 1-hour interactive wargaming sessions with our Sector Groups, galvanizing 300 participants. Not only did [the audience] have to think on their feet and work together, they felt from firsthand experience the need for change in our leadership culture. It was the best conference we’ve had in a very long time. Hats off to our partners at Wilson Learning.

— Director of Learning and Development

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