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Wilson Learning Announces the Passing of Larry Wilson

Founder, Speaker, and Author

April 11, 2013

As an early pioneer in reimagining the role of the salesperson, Larry Wilson revolutionized the way people sell. Back in 1965, Mr. Wilson, a highly successful salesperson, believed that selling did not require a manipulative or adversarial approach; instead, he showed how a counselor approach to meeting customer needs produced more effective results. At the time, this was a groundbreaking concept that created a new generation of salespeople who recognized the value of establishing relationships based on trust and win-win problem solving.

Mr. Wilson built Wilson Learning into a world-class organization by using his innovative sales and interpersonal insights to help people and organizations be all that they can be-to achieve performance with fulfillment. This mission has remained intact throughout the 48 years of Wilson Learning’s history, and we continue to help customers execute their business strategy through their people.

Mr. Wilson is remembered for his highly motivational speeches and books, including the best-selling book, The One Minute Sales Person.

“The results we at Wilson Learning have helped companies achieve are a great testament to the man who started it all. We will remember Larry for his boundless energy and passion, his creativity and risk taking, and his concern for people,” says Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer of Wilson Learning Worldwide.

Mr. Wilson had a profound impact on countless lives and inspired others to reach their potential and make the world a better place. He will be missed by all in the Wilson Learning family. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends around the world.