Are Your Delivery Leaders Creating Value or Just Riding the Wave?

By Vivek Chandramohan

Amidst rosy forecasts of expansion across sectors like GCC, GBS, Shared Services, and ITES, a deeper examination reveals a shifting landscape where traditional metrics of success no longer suffice.

Beyond technical prowess, delivery leaders are tasked with a daunting challenge: to navigate the labyrinth of client relationships and drive transformative outcomes.

This article explores the critical, often overlooked skills of business acumen and interpersonal effectiveness.

Download and Discover:

  • The Hidden Gap: The disconnect between technical expertise and client needs.
  • Client Priorities Revealed: Surprising statistics on what clients truly value from service providers.
  • Building Stronger Relationships: Learn proven strategies to build trust, understand client motivations, and influence decision-making.
  • Real-World Results: See how organizations are boosting revenue and retention through stronger client relationships.

Vivek Chandramohan

Vivek Chandramohan, Managing Director of Wilson Learning APAC, is responsible for overall strategy and operations across the APAC region, overseeing both direct channels and a distributor network. He regularly collaborates with business leaders to provide guidance on sales, consulting, and leadership development. In his 15 years with Wilson Learning, Vivek has held several key roles, including Managing Director for India, Vice President for APAC, program facilitator, and consultant.

With nearly 25 years of experience in sales management, operations, and leadership development, Vivek has worked extensively across various industries, including IT, ITES, telecom, manufacturing, financial services, retail channel management & distribution, and life sciences. He frequently speaks at conferences and summits, sharing insights on industry trends and leadership strategies.