Leadership Development in the Age of the Great Resignation

Survey Conducted by Wilson Learning Worldwide for Training Magazine

By Michael Leimbach, PhD

Fueled in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, droves of employees continue to voluntarily leave their jobs. Deemed the “Great Resignation,” this exodus will continue for the foreseeable future, workplace experts believe. In a recent survey by Ecsell Institute, 25 percent of employees carry a moderate to high risk of leaving their jobs in the next year.

In this year’s 2022 Annual Leadership Development Survey Report for Training magazine, we uncover the leadership development best practices that differentiate high-performing organizations from other organizations and highlight the specific steps organizations can take to create high-performing leaders. More than 820 Learning and Development (L&D) professionals responded to the 2022 Leadership Development Survey—the largest response rate in the survey’s history. The results provide organizations with a clear roadmap to achieve a greater return on their leadership development investments.

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Michael Leimbach, PhD

“Michael Leimbach, Ph.D. is a globally recognized expert in learning design and provides leadership for solution research and design solutions that turn learning into performance.

Dr. Leimbach has served as editor for multiple professional journals, consulted with numerous global clients, published over 100 professional articles, co-authored six books, and is a frequent speaker at national and global conferences. Michael received his Doctorate from the University of Minnesota and has worked in the learning and development industry for over 35 years.”