Sales Challenges

As the buyer’s journey continues to evolve, selling must change with it. Our digital age provides buyers with access to product information, reviews, and a multitude of purchasing options, including widely varied buying channels worldwide. These changes point to the growing complexity of selling and the need for further skill development of salespeople and their managers.

Salespeople in today’s selling environment require advanced sales skills and behaviors to differentiate your company and advance your customers’ business. To reinforce these skills and facilitate these behavior changes, your sales managers need to be grounded in core sales skills and effectively provide sales coaching and leadership. With the right skill development and coaching reinforcement, your sales organization can overcome the challenges it faces in the market’s complex and highly competitive selling environment.

Provide your sales team and managers with the skills to overcome the following sales challenges:

Our Flexible, Intentional Approach—Your Success Assurance

Our success assurance lies in our world-class intellectual property, our top-notch learning services capabilities, and our ironclad approach to global and local implementation. Together, we drive for and achieve undeniable results.

World-Class Sales Content

Our flexible approach allows us to configure and integrate our internationally acclaimed, proven content with the unique needs inside your sales organization. We bring the right capabilities and key attitudes, skills, and knowledge to your learning solution from the breadth and depth of our multi-language, proprietary sales effectiveness solutions portfolio.

State-of-the-Industry Sales Learning Services

We know the interdependencies within sales organizations that can fuel or fail efforts to increase sales effectiveness. Inside our full suite of state-of-the-industry learning services, we offer expert consulting services to diagnose performance gaps, define and align sales processes, and assess and measure sales outcomes, as well as content configuration, facilitation, and learning integration.

Award-Winning Implementation Process

Our intentional, disciplined approach in implementing a learning solution is based on our decades-long experience and knowledge of what must occur before (readying your sales organization), during (acquiring core knowledge, skills, and abilities to drive performance to the next level), and after (coaching and reinforcement) to achieve mastery and competitive advantage.

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