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Facilitating Cross-Cultural Competency

Developing multicultural competency enables an informed response to think, act, and communicate in fundamentally different ways through building a global mindset and using cross-cultural communication tools.

Cultivating cross-cultural competency to achieve more effective business relationships and improve performance can be leveraged not only across oceans but also across hallways. Most organizations don’t have to go beyond their office to find culturally diverse viewpoints, attitudes, beliefs, and preferences.

At Wilson Learning, we work within five key dimensions in which cultural differences are likely to be the most varied to equip both current leaders and the next generation of cross-cultural leaders with the knowledge to become more culturally sensitive in their interactions with others, focusing on:

  1. Task and Relationship
  2. Power Distance
  3. Uncertainty Avoidance
  4. Individualism/Collectivism
  5. Context Communication

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