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Implement Global, Scalable Solutions

As a Sales L&D professional for a global organization, creating a uniform experience for your sales organization that produces similar worldwide results might seem an extremely difficult, or even impossible, task. Each geography or country maintains nuanced differences in how it approaches your prospects and customers, whether precipitated by regulation or culture. These variances need inclusion in your sales learning solution without compromising the quality and intent of the learning experience needed within the sales organization.

Wilson Learning strongly believes in preserving the integrity of your goals across your global organization. We adhere to the adage that consistent does not mean the same. In other words, the same sales approach applies across the organization and we adapt the content or learning experience for each audience. For example, one client applauded Wilson Learning for facilitating in English while providing translated and culturally adapted content, including examples, in each learner’s native language. As a global company, Wilson Learning provides a widely diversified team of learning and facilitation experts who leverage their sales expertise and local knowledge to ensure your sales teams receive a consistent experience inclusive of their local specifications.

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