21% Revenue Increase Attributed to Revitalized Customer Experience

Business Issue

This growing leisure retail organization lacked a structured sales process and sales methodology. The Group Sales Director explained, “We [the senior leadership team] recognized we needed to be more forward-thinking and challenge the existing sales approach, still harnessing our strengths as a customer-focused, family business but with a new clarity of purpose.” A Sales Team Manager added: “Without a structured sales process in place, we couldn’t identify what was working well and what needed developing—our salespeople were doing their own thing and we didn’t know who to praise or help.”

Solution Summary

Based on a thorough discovery process and problem-solving conversations with the organization’s leadership, Wilson Learning helped to embed a sales and service culture to deliver and nurture an industry-leading customer experience. With the organization’s leadership team, Wilson Learning consultants worked to clearly define their vision for the customer experience and how success would be measured. Sales and customer service representatives gained customer-focused selling and service skills, and leaders were equipped with coaching skills to reinforce new desired behaviors and the new culture.


  • A 21% increase in sales was attributed to The Counselor Salesperson™.
  • The organization reported a 14.8% increase in conversion rates to completed sales.
  • Senior leadership verified additional positive results. As stated by the Group Sales Director: “We had a huge job to do and needed the stability of an organization the caliber of Wilson Learning to be our ally. They were very supportive throughout a challenging transitional period, and I have never had such good feedback about sales training in 20 years in the business. Our financial results say it all really.”
  • A Sales Team Manager shared, “I’ve noticed a real uplift in confidence from the team; the training has opened them up to their own potential. The financial impact speaks for itself, but the fact that we are retaining salespeople and attracting new ones is another significant success factor. Each of our sales teams, regardless of location, is aligned and using a common language. This helps enormously with flexibility across our business.”
It was the best training I’ve ever had, very personal to our business.

— Sales and Customer Service Participant


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