Global Technology Company Increases Productivity 11–26% by Developing High-Performing Leaders

Business Issue

A global technology leader from the travel and tourism industry, with two major businesses—global distribution system for ticket booking and IT solutions for airline operations management—aimed to bolster its R&D hub for its APAC operations. The goal of fortifying the center was to encourage more transformational business, rather than transactional.

The organization’s learning and development framework had primarily focused on developing technical capabilities. However, with its foray into a new growth phase, the organization wished to retain and engage its top talent. The company needed a strong leadership pipeline to drive the new growth phase, which aligned with the vision for the R&D center. This called for the creation of a leadership competency framework.


Wilson Learning conducted a comprehensive needs analysis and created a customized learning journey, comprised of 20 high-performing senior growth leaders with the potential for growth in the future. These personnel were chosen based on their demonstration of leadership qualities and courage during challenging times in the absence of a formal reporting system, the support they offered other employees in developing their skills, and for being positive influencers across teams, business units, and functions. The group’s learning and development program, designed by Wilson Learning, consisted of content from Leading for Growth™, Leading in Challenging Times™, Coaching for Performance, and Getting to Yes(formerly Negotiating to Yes: Corporate). The program followed a progressive leadership model that went beyond participative management.


An impact analysis was conducted with 90% of participants responding:

  • 82% of respondents experienced significant behavioral change, including being open to others’ perspectives, encouraging their opinions and listening to their concerns, and offering team members clarity on their, and the organization’s, vision and purpose.
  • 100% of the respondents agreed that their team “displays more support and respect for each other” and “places higher value on each member’s talents and contributions.”
  • 88% of the respondents said that their team now produces higher quality work.
  • More than half of the participants saw a 26% productivity increase.
  • 88% indicated that it was easy to apply the skills on the job.
  • 88% suggested that the follow-up messages and activities helped them apply what they had learned.

The program, customized by Wilson Learning, helped leaders align their own goals and vision with that of their team and the organization. The program helped participants change their mindset, make quicker decisions, learn when to take the lead and when to allow the team to drive decisions, understand different perspectives, empower their teams, and collaborate more effectively toward common goals. The custom solution paths connected workgroup members to the organization’s vision and strategy for growth, aligning the group and the organization as a whole to a shared vision.

The program is now being rolled out for future batches of high-performing leaders.

100% of participants agreed that their teams ‘display more support and respect for each other,’ now placing a ‘higher value on each member’s talents and contributions.’

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