Improved Sales Team Efficiencies and Interpersonal Skills Increase Revenue and Productivity

Business Issue

The lack of a common sales methodology and sales process was causing inefficiencies for this leading provider of human milk-based nutritional formulations for critical care infants. Selling teams—consisting of sales, research, and health economics team members—collaborate to win and expand business in multiunit healthcare systems. To better convey the value of the organization’s premium products, the teams’ shared knowledge needed to be enriched with interpersonal and selling skills to express empathy, earn trust, and deliver compelling product education to potential and existing customers.

Solution Summary

A consultative sales methodology and a new sales process unified the selling teams, enabling them to discover needed information, strengthen customer relationships, and create value. Teams also learned how to deliver virtual presentations that influenced buying decisions. Coaching skills equipped sales managers to drive improved performance by modeling and supporting “right way” behaviors.

All programs were delivered virtually during the pandemic, with asynchronous reinforcement activities aiding immediate on-the-job application. Busy sales managers used coaching protocols and tools that streamlined their coaching efforts and supported best practice coaching conversations.


  • An 18% revenue increase was attributed to The Counselor Salesperson™.
  • Sales teams leverage the new sales process to better align with customers’ buying process and to ensure desired actions in each stage drive sales results.
  • The skills learned in Mastering Successful Presentations™ accounted for 36% of the success of subsequent virtual presentations.
  • Based on both learning solutions, the vast majority of participants indicated at least a 26% increase in their productivity.
  • Coaching activity soared. In fact, 92% of the sales methodology reinforcement activities received coaching feedback and support.
  • The ability to establish trust and discover the real nature and scope of customers’ business issues improved and aided salespeople in selling to value—94% agreed “discovery is more accurate and complete.”
An 18% revenue increase was attributed to The Counselor Salesperson™.


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