Research shows that high-performing organizations:

  • Are more likely to base learning decisions on formal needs assessments
  • Evaluate learning through behavior change and performance improvement, rather than relying on learner reactions and knowledge gain alone
  • Use 360-degree feedback to personalize learning
  • Measure the link to improved business results

Do you want to guess or do you want to know? Wilson Learning has the right measurement and assessment tools to provide you with clear decision-making information and insight in order to achieve the full potential of your workforce.

We’ll help you tackle critical questions like:

  • How does your organization define successful leadership performance?
  • What are the current knowledge and skill levels of your leaders, and are these levels sufficient for successful performance?
  • Have your performance improvement initiatives produced the desired results?

Our variety of measurement tools ensure you receive the data you need to guide development decisions. They include:

The Leader NavigatorTM

The Leader Navigator, a diagnostic 360-degree feedback instrument, adds value for individual leaders by powerfully highlighting which skills they need to develop. This assessment shows the gaps between the current leadership of the organization and the leadership the organization needs. Identifying this gap will help chart a path for the overall effectiveness of the leadership development investment.

The Leader Manager InventoryTM

The Leader Manager Inventory, used in The Leader ManagerTM program, provides leaders at all levels with specific behavioral skill-based feedback from their own manager and direct reports. This concrete, real-world multi-rater feedback tool enriches and personalizes the learning experience, motivates leaders to focus on skill improvement, and acts as a blueprint for creating individual, group, and/or organizational development plans.

Social Style ProfileTM

As a critical element of Building Relationship VersatilityTM, the Social Style Profile uses multi-rater feedback to help participants identify their own Social Style and their level of versatility in working with others’ styles. This feedback allows participants to learn about and modify their own behaviors to communicate more effectively with others.

Engagement AuditTM

To maximize the learning experience and engage leaders prior to the Creating a Culture of EngagementTM session, program participants’ direct reports complete an online Engagement Audit. Direct reports are asked to rate the organization’s leadership team collectively on how well they execute each of the five elements of engagement. During the session, leaders receive an organizational summary of the Engagement Audit results. The report shows the strengths and greatest needs for each of the five engagement elements.

Impact Evaluation

An Impact Evaluation, typically conducted several months after the completion of a program, highlights the behavior change, performance improvement, and results that were achieved due to the skills learned in the program, whether in sales, leadership, or individual effectiveness.

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