Sales Leader: Cultivating Revenue Generation

Growing revenue and serving customers dominates your agenda day in and day out. To keep your organization at peak performance as a relevant and reliable provider, you need to have confidence in your pipeline, retain the best talent, and depend on your frontline managers to effectively coach sales performance.

Wilson Learning delivers proven results with its unique approach to sales training, coaching and skill development. Numerous clients credit increased revenue generation and transformed sales practices to the performance solutions and sales training Wilson Learning designed and helped them implement. Wilson Learning is an award-winning learning services provider with over a decade’s worth of experience and an exemplary track record of sales coaching and performance improvement capabilities.

Staying Ahead in a Rapidly Evolving Market

In today’s markets, high-growth sales require the ability to navigate business trends, influence cross-functional teams, and accelerate your customers’ business results. As a sales leader, you feel constant pressure to hit your targets, and you need sales teams with the capabilities to make it happen.

With Wilson Learning, you engage a provider with a broad and nimble portfolio of sales performance solutions. We can quickly customize and implement a best-in-class learning experience that your sales teams can immediately apply in the field to drive results. Simultaneously, we will equip your sales managers to come alongside their teams and coach the skills needed to achieve goals, now and in the future.

Ongoing Revenue Generation Challenges

Confidence in your sales managers and salespeople allows you, as a sales leader, to maintain a strategic view across the revenue stream for which you are responsible. Your frontline sales managers need to demonstrate and coach the selling skills, behaviors, and commitment to pipeline and forecast accuracy that you expect and that drive results.

Wilson Learning’s unique and practical learning approach enables your sales managers and their teams to adapt their behaviors as they acquire new skills. This difference produces measurable and sustainable results. We pride ourselves on delivering sales training that builds on real-life experiences and accelerates performance improvements while minimizing time out of the field. Sales organizations trust Wilson Learning because we repeatedly demonstrate our ability to help sales leaders accelerate business progress.

Effective Sales Teams Generate Profitable Revenue

The goals we have at Wilson Learning match the goals you want to achieve for your organization. We aim to accelerate your business results. First, we delve into the objectives you want to reach, getting a complete picture of your future state. Then, we work with you and your Sales Effectiveness teams to determine where you are today. Together, we formulate a plan to close the gap between your current and future states as expediently and effectively as possible.

Wilson Learning believes long-term solutions result from repeatable and measurable on-the-job behavior change. We work with your sales and sales support organizations to pinpoint the most needed skills development and focus our sales training on these needs. Your salespeople represent the best competitive advantage to your customers when they are equipped to consult with buyers at their greatest points of need in the buying journey. When properly enabled, your sales teams become company strategists, identifying and advancing the highest-yield opportunities in their pipelines. Together with sales managers who continually reinforce your sales teams with sales coaching, your salespeople can effectively attain and exceed expected productivity. Learn how to create an unbeatable competitive advantage by downloading our e-Book: Move Beyond Needs-Based Selling by Selling to Value. 

Our Best-in-Class Learning Services

Wilson Learning’s suite of learning services represents a holistic, contextual, and integrated approach to prepare, develop, and support your sales organization in achieving tangible sales productivity and evidence-supported results.

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