Major Investment and Insurance Company Realizes $1.2M Sales Increase as Result of Consultative Sales Methodology

Business Issue

This investment and insurance company sought to implement a problem-solving approach to address their customers’ business and life issues. With a reorganization and a change in strategy, they desired to equip sales leaders with a common language and framework to ensure cohesiveness and alignment. The company also needed to support the organization’s strategic objective and commitment to developing a high-performing salesforce in order to improve employee retention, increase performance, develop consistency in messaging and sales actions, and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Solution Summary

A consultative sales methodology based on the adoption of a problem-solving mindset elevated selling skills across all sales leaders. A unique implementation plan began with an executive overview to secure senior leadership buy-in. This was followed by a large-scale kick-off session to preview the sales methodology, pique interest, and build excitement for the upcoming sessions. To accommodate busy schedules, the methodology itself was delivered in 10 virtual 90-minute sessions over 9 weeks. Tailored content, including customer-specific examples and language, ensured the learning was highly relevant to the industry and organization. Learning sessions were followed with expert coaching and extensive use of a digital collaborative learning platform for on-the-job skill application to ensure results.


  • In the three months after the virtual sessions, salespeople attributed over $1.2M in sales as a result of The Counselor Salesperson™ skills and tools.
  • 96% of participants indicated that they agree or strongly agree that it was easy to apply the skills on the job.
  • 90% agreed that their “client discovery is more accurate and complete.”
  • 85% agreed that they are “better prepared to address clients’ issues and questions.”
  • 84% agreed that they are “able to establish a greater level of trust with clients faster.”
Salespeople attributed over $1.2M in sales as a result of The Counselor Salesperson™.


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