Learning & Development Executives Own Leadership Development

As a Learning & Development Executive, you play a catalytic role in partnering with other executives to uncover, understand, and gain support for leadership development solutions connected to complex organizational growth strategies. Growth strategies fueled by technology trends (like AI) and innovation drivers require Learning & Development Executives to build critical business cases for developing best-in-class leaders and the next generation of leaders.

As the internal strategic consultant, you must consult with other strategic leaders inside the organization to draw a clear “line of sight” from the strategic priority that is driving the need for a learning solution to the desired business results.

Building the Capacity to Lead in an Ever-Changing Competitive Environment

Deloitte’s 2019 Global Trends research revealed 90% of survey respondents report their organizations are redesigning jobs, and 32% are doing it substantially. Given that many jobs are changing, it may come as no surprise that, according to a recent World Economic Forum report, more than half (54%) of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling in just three years. A whopping 67% of a manager’s current role will be automated using AI in the next five years, requiring managers and leaders to redefine what they do and how they spend their time.

These statistics point to the critical channel Learning & Development plays in executing business strategy. Human capital is seen by many CEOs as one of the top priorities for growth, presenting Learning & Development Executives with an exciting opportunity to assume their critical place in developing an organization’s leadership talent.

Learning & Development Executive Challenges

With executive oversight of a global, multinational, or national organization’s leadership development needs, a myriad of challenges are faced by Learning & Development Executives. Partnering with a trusted outside resource like Wilson Learning for creating, acquiring, and implementing leadership development solutions is paramount to your success. Delivering high-impact learning experiences consistently around the globe is crucial, as standards and the mobility of skills and people must be seamless.

As a leader among the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies for ten consecutive years (Training Industry), Wilson Learning has been recognized for thought leadership, influence, and innovation in leadership. We have been applauded for the breadth and quality of programs, audiences served, strength of our clients, and geographic reach.

Our Approach to Effective, Relevant Leadership Development

Leadership has the greatest opportunity to influence the energy and engagement of any organization. Leaders either put energy into or take energy out of the organization. The challenge for Learning & Development Executives is to direct their teams to ensure leadership development initiatives across all levels of leadership are consistent but tailored to the unique challenges leaders face at the first level, mid-level, and even the executive level. Download our e-Book Mastering the Role of Leader to start setting the foundation for effective leadership at all levels of your organization.

Our research and experience have taught us that to become a leader that others choose to follow, we have to focus on the development of leadership character (Essence), combined with the different skills (Form) required to meet the challenges unique to each level of leadership. Not only does our Leadership Framework identify the key attributes of character-based leadership, it calls out the critical challenges leaders at each level face.


Our Best-in-Class Learning Services

Wilson Learning will partner with you to discover your specific leadership development gaps and goals before we suggest a solution tailored to your organizational learning needs, time frame, and budget. Our best-in-class learning services fully support the learning solution for designing and customizing content; implementing your initiative; training, coaching, and ensuring transfer of new skills and behaviors to the job; measuring impact; and reporting results.

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