Learning & Development Professionals’ Focus for Leadership Development

As a Learning & Development Professional, you are on the front lines for devising and delivering multiple learning components, training events, and communications necessary to launch learning solutions that result in sustainable leadership performance improvement.

Fully implementing a training initiative requires you to understand leadership development needs, learning objectives for performance outcomes, and standards for the delivery. At the same time, you must stay current with trends in learning, facilitation, instructional design, and reinforcement and sustainment. You may wear many hats—from internal consultant to master trainer—and you respond to many stakeholders.

Right Solution, Right Delivery, Right Results

Working as a Learning & Development Professional, you provide oversight and orchestrate many moving parts that must run smoothly when planning and deploying a learning initiative. You recognize the imperative of basing a learning event on a thorough evaluation of learning needs, so the right people are experiencing the learning at the right place, receiving it at the right pace, and accessing it at the right time.

Your goal is to ensure the event or program is implemented effectively as planned, within budget, and in accordance with the defined standards.

Wilson Learning understands there can be pressure to push out programs quickly and neglect the factors that will dictate whether the learning will improve performance. We offer six best practices that dramatically increase the likelihood that what is learned makes a difference in job performance. We bring these disciplines to our partnership with learning organizations around the world.

Learning & Development Professional Challenges

Depending on the geographical reach of your organization, you may be out delivering live, facilitator-led training, conducting webcasts, or meeting with project teams responsible for designing blended training programs. In addition to your other responsibilities, you manage to keep the wheels of the leadership development solutions turning.

Wilson Learning can support your frontline efforts and help you achieve success assurance. Our unparalleled, research-based, and time-tested intellectual property, along with our implementation expertise in delivering consistent learning solutions in over 50 countries and 30 languages (with local and cultural adaptation as needed), uniquely positions us as a trusted partner for your learning organization.

Our Approach for Effective, Relevant Leadership Development

Leadership has the greatest opportunity to influence the energy and engagement of any organization. Leaders either put energy into or take energy out of the organization. The challenge for Learning & Development professionals is to design and deliver leadership development solutions across all levels of leadership that are consistent and tailored to the unique challenges leaders face at the first level, mid-level, and even the executive level. Download our e-Book Mastering the Role of Leader to start setting the foundation for effective leadership at all levels of your organization.

Our research and experience have taught us that to become a leader that others choose to follow requires that we focus on the development of leadership character (Essence), combined with the different skills (Form) required to meet the challenges unique to each level of leadership.

Not only does our Leadership Framework identify the key attributes of character-based leadership, it calls out the critical challenges leaders at each level face.

Our Best-in-Class Learning Services

Wilson Learning will partner with you to discover your specific leadership development gaps and goals before we suggest a solution tailored to your organizational learning needs, time frame, and budget. Our best-in-class learning services fully support the learning solution for designing and customizing content, implementing your initiative, training (including Master Certification, coaching, and ensuring transfer of new skills and behaviors to the job), and measuring impact and reporting results.

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