Salesforce Effectiveness: Driving Growth Through People and Processes

Improving the productivity and proficiency of the salesforce is a critical and sometimes daunting responsibility, especially when your role spans the breadth of sales operations, enablement, and development. Given the scope of your role in ensuring sales effectiveness, you may encounter difficulty identifying the best ways to develop sales skills that generate top-line revenue growth.

Wilson Learning brings a legacy of award-winning sales and learning expertise to our sales solutions. We can analyze your existing sales effectiveness and provide sales training designed to meet your most immediate needs. We will partner with you to ensure a seamless implementation that minimizes salesperson downtime, engages sales managers in coaching, and produces measurable results. We can even scale our sales effectiveness solutions across global markets and channels.

Pursuing the Most Effective Route to Sales Success

Building a strategic sales capability requires the development of effective people, processes, and tools. You need a comprehensive approach that is customized to your circumstances and built on a foundation of established success.

Wilson Learning helps connect the dots between your enablement technologies, the sales process, and the skills necessary to execute your sales strategy. We meet you where you are to develop your sales talent to more effectively integrate skills, processes, and tools application while driving productivity.

Enabling Immediate and Sustainable Results

You need to maximize your sales effectiveness as efficiently and expediently as possible, because your greatest imperative is accelerating revenue growth.

Wilson Learning combines its proven sales and learning expertise with an award-winning sales training and development portfolio, enabling us to respond quickly with a solution that fits your specific needs. We stay with you throughout the process to ensure a seamless implementation. We partner with you to measure sales results and increase adoption. And, when you’re ready to scale, our global operations deliver consistency while respecting diverse local cultures.

Creating Value That Drives Results

Wilson Learning approaches your business situation with an open mind and an appetite to learn about your goals. Our sales expertise and award-winning learning services create value that accelerates your business results. When we align the breadth and depth of our portfolio and experience with your specified needs, we can agilely configure a sales training performance solution focused on the behavior, tools, and process changes you need most.

We believe Sales Effectiveness success occurs when your salespeople engage customers before their greatest point of need in the buying process. By doing so, they are fully equipped to consult with and offer customers a competitive advantage that accelerates their results. This approach allows salespeople to serve as strategists to your organization, focused on identifying and advancing the highest yield opportunities in the pipeline. Learn how to sell the way your customers want to buy by downloading our e-Book: Move Beyond Needs-Based Selling by Selling to Value.

Your ongoing sales effectiveness depends on predictable behaviors working in conjunction with a consistent sales process and methodology. Wilson Learning takes a holistic approach to sales development to achieve the distinctive goals set for your sales organization.

Our Best-in-Class Learning Services

Wilson Learning’s suite of learning services represents a holistic, contextual, and integrated approach to prepare, develop, and support your sales organization in achieving tangible sales productivity and evidence-supported results.

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