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Measure Business Impact and ROI

Companies continue to rely on Learning & Development as a strategic partner in creating change and driving success. For the Sales L&D team especially, this requires clear linkage between learning objectives and sales metrics. Ultimately, your sales organization exists to generate revenue. Supporting the sales organization in achieving its goals means measuring business impact and demonstrating a return on the investment in learning solutions. You can achieve both by ensuring learning goals and content align to sales strategies and the related skills and behaviors needed to execute on those strategies.

Wilson Learning has the expertise and experience to provide reliable data you can use to pinpoint the areas in which your sales learning solutions will create the biggest payoff. Our evaluations and analysis can demonstrate what your salespeople learned and measure the impact of your learning initiatives on sales performance.

Measurement and evaluation options include:

  • Impact Evaluation Surveys, which measure behavior and changes in performance post-course
  • Opportunity Reviews that look at performance changes using a case study approach
  • Business Metrics Analysis, a research-based approach that focuses on the specific metrics you choose (e.g., quota attainment, revenue improvement, etc.)

Impact evaluation methods and tools can be customized to your specific environment and business priorities.

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