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Sales Learning & Development: Achieving Top Performance Through Sales Skill Development

Sales leaders depend on sales learning & development professionals like you to strengthen selling skills through best-in-class learning and performance solutions. They rely on your expertise, applied in the most effective and expedient ways, to reach sales goals and create business impact.

Organizations attribute increased quarter-over-quarter revenue generation to Wilson Learning’s sales training solutions. We bring clarity to complex selling environments and use well-researched methods to foster behavior changes that produce improved sales results. The depth and breadth of our sales training and development portfolio allows us to meet you where you are and respond with the best solution for your organization.

Closing Skill Gaps for Immediate and Sustainable Sales Results

As a sales learning & development professional, there is a constant need to improve sales performance. To do so, you need to partner with a credible, proven provider that will come alongside you to provide solutions your organization can scale and sustain.

Wilson Learning is a committed partner that recognizes your most urgent sales challenges, delivers end-to-end service from inception to implementation, and measures success with you. Our sales and learning experts will flex to your requirements and stay with you throughout the process. We operate globally and maintain acute local awareness that enables consistent scalability while remaining respectful of cultural differences.

Delivering Measurable Results That Support a Long-Term Learning Strategy

Sales leaders want results. They want to keep their salespeople in front of customers. Salespeople want relevant sales training and learning experiences they can apply immediately to situations they regularly face in the field. When sales managers learn to coach these new skills, the skills become valuable habits that drive productivity in the long term. You need sales training and development that lasts beyond the urgent need.

Wilson Learning’s award-winning industry success and demonstrated ability to produce business impact can give you confidence that the solutions we provide will drive long-term, sustainable sales results. We partner closely with sales learning & development professionals to advance your sales goals and measure your success. We strive for short-term progress as a catalyst for long-term achievements and sustainable sales growth.

Collaborative Needs Analysis to Achieve the Best Solution Fit

Wilson Learning recognizes your extensive knowledge of your own sales organization and which learning experiences will best fit your company culture. At Wilson Learning, we come alongside your Learning & Development team and collaborate with you wherever you are in the learning cycle.

We approach sales development with the goal to change behaviors long-term. Our award-winning sales training and development portfolio incorporates learning tools and processes aimed to create measurable business impact and recognizable behavior changes demonstrated through skill application. Coupled with well-defined sales coaching methodologies, your sales organization gains what it needs to achieve its goals as strong, customer-focused consultants who deliver profitable results to your company. Learn how to create an unbeatable competitive advantage by downloading our e-Book: Move Beyond Needs-Based Selling by Selling to Value.

We offer the expertise to build end-to-end sales performance solutions or augment your efforts where you need a partner the most. Our sales experts, award-winning Learning Services team, and global facilitation resources will work with you to develop and implement specific sales solutions that best meet your needs.

Our Best-in-Class Learning Services

Wilson Learning’s suite of learning services represents a holistic, contextual, and integrated approach to prepare, develop, and support your sales organization in achieving tangible sales productivity and evidence-supported results.

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