Webinar: Creating a Culture of Sustainable Innovation


As the world marches into the digital century, the ways in which working professionals are required to innovate and problem solve at work has never been more important to themselves and their organizations.  At this critical juncture, when companies are increasingly addressing their digital DNA and innovation skills when defining who they are, learning teams around the world face a similar challenge.

Understand how you can create and sustain a culture of innovation in the organizations to further the company’s ability to drive its objectives and goals more effectively and efficiently.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the patterns human beings follow when attempting to bring innovation to bear upon a situation
  • Be introduced to how a tools-based approach can ensure balance in innovation initiatives
  • Understand, create a common language and culture that can embed the culture within the organization.

This approach helps to transition innovative thinking into actionable plans in the workplace using a systemic, multi-perspective approach that helps not just to generate ideas, but also to “sell” them to decision makers and stakeholders.

About Facilitator

Anand Subramaniam

Anand has been associated with Wilson Learning for over 10+ years and is currently the Sr. Director of Consulting & Capability Development for Wilson Learning APAC. He is also one of Wilson Learning’s global master facilitators. Anand has developed and delivered programs in the areas of leadership effectiveness, coaching, personal effectiveness, communication theory and systems, sales and service effectiveness and negotiation skills, among many others. Anand’s proven expertise with diverse programs and audiences has seen him deliver programs around the world, and work with professionals from a wide variety of cultures and countries across the globe Anand has worked extensively with clients from multiple industries to ensure that learning solutions go beyond the classroom to delivering tangible business value, and has helped many HR and L&D business partners reframe their internal discussions with their stakeholders to achieve this.