Global Organization Achieves 24% Revenue Increase Through Improved Negotiations

Business Issue

Gaining production efficiency and protecting profit margins were the key drivers that moved this global provider of printed circuit boards to strengthen the negotiation skills of its senior leaders and salesforce. Headquartered in China, the organization services large-scale, long-term, complex projects. A needs analysis validated the need for stronger negotiation capabilities—internally, leaders needed to effectively drive order execution, especially during times of full capacity; externally, sales needed to ensure that the company’s interests and profit were protected by securing win-win agreements during contract negotiations.

Solution Summary

Wilson Learning provided a custom learning journey including pre-work, a custom 2-day program on negotiation, and reinforcement content delivered over a 3-month period, with new activities released every two weeks. Reinforcement was key to embedding the new behaviors into the culture. Wilson Learning project managers and facilitators supported a successful implementation, and an Impact Evaluation survey provided quantified data, documenting essential data for future planning.


  • A 24% revenue increase was attributed to the skills of the custom negotiation program.
  • 95% of participants agreed that the quality of their negotiations have improved.
  • 95% of participants agreed their relationships with customers and other parties have been maintained or improved.
  • 95% of participants agree that they can say “no” to unreasonable requests from customers.
  • 91% of participants agree or strongly agree that the skills learned are easy to apply at work.
  • More than 90% of participants believe that the negotiation training has had a positive impact on their job performance.
Our salespeople benefited from this program a lot. They are more confident because of this powerful methodology. During reinforcement, I found the participants have structured plans and strategies to handle challenging situations. I would love to recommend this program to other business units in our company and to my friends.

— L&D Manager


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